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Welcome to GREEN BUILT® Arkansas where we're Greening the American Dream!

Established in 2008, GREEN BUILT® Arkansas is the first HBA-sponsored, comprehensive green building program in the state. Founded on the principal of sustainability, our green initiative enables builders to construct highly energy efficient homes with ultra-low environmental impact. Each green home is independently tested and certified so that you know it meets a rigorous standard.

What is Green Building?

Simply put, a green home pays attention to energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, the use of sustainable or recycled products, and measures to protect indoor air quality. However, many of the processes and technologies that go into a green home happen behind the scenes (and behind the walls.) For a diagram of what goes into building green, click here.

Why Build Green?

Besides being good environmental stewards, building green is smart for your pocket book and your family's health. A fundamental component of our GREEN BUILT® program is ENERGY STAR. This means every green home will save you money over time by lowering energy demand. Based on recent studies, green homes carry a higher assessment value, thereby protecting your investment. In addition, particular attention is paid to indoor air quality, so green builders opt for materials such as low- or no-VOC paint. For some additional thoughts on why you should build green, use the following links:

I Want to Build Green. What's My Next Step?

First, we've made it as easy as possible for you to locate and secure a qualified green builder. Currently the association has a number of Certified Green Professionals and GREEN BUILT® Partners.

Next, we encourage you to interview your builder. Ask them about their background in green building, the number of homes they've built green/ENERGY STAR, referrals for past customers, and the like.

Lastly, tour a green home and learn about the components that make it so unique.

Additional Resources and Links:

  • City of Little Rock's Green Building Incentive Program offering up to $1,500 for builders to certify their green home.
  • GREEN BUILT Model Home is a project designed to educate members and the public on "going green".
  • www.nahbgreen.org provides a variety of national resources on going green.
  • www.TheGBI.org is the HBA's online green partner and non-profit promoter of green building practices.
  • Treehugger.com features an extensive collection of How to Green guides, including home topics such as lighting, electricity, heating, and others such as coffee & tea, meals, your car, and more.
  • National Geographic offers Going Green guides and articles for your home, community, work, and school.
  • BuildingGreen.com features an extensive directory of green building products. The site is aimed at builders, but homeowners may find the listings and guides helpful when choosing items such as appliances, carpet, paint, and other home goods.
  • Appraising ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes is an informative pdf presentation involving representatives from the Appraisers Intitute, Realtors, and EPA. Among other things it gives a definitive look at how to determine value, find comparables and document findings for Fannie Mae. This webinar was delivered on June 30, 2010. The file is about 3MB so please be patient when downloading.