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Thank you for your investment in the Association!

Because of you, we are able to ensure the health of our local housing industry. In return, we provide you with a wealth of resources, from permitting data, networking and education to lobbying. As a member, you also have access to many additional resources.

HBA-GLR Membership Directory 

Here’s a Sneak Peak at Your Resources:

  • Current & Archived Permit Data
  • Document & Forms Library
  • Industry Specific Networking Events
  • Industry Continuing Education 
  • Membership Advantage Savings

 As with anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it!  Contact the HBA at 501-758-3646 or maryelizabeth@hbaglr.com to begin taking advantage of these resources!

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Member Testimonials

 "Having joined The HBA of Greater Little I have had the opportunity to meet many builders and associates.  Through the HBA I have been fortunate enough to began doing business with a number of the builders and at the same time some of the associate members have also become my customers.  I think it is very important to note that just becoming an HBA member does not "entitle" you to their business, you have to get/earn their business. The many relationships established with the help of the HBA has been great for both me personally and the bank."

- Kent Goff (Member since 1997)

 “The GLRHBA has been an extremely valuable tool for my business.  Through my membership, I have been able to increase my knowledge about the industry, further relationships with people within the industry, and be on the forefront of laws and regulation that govern our industry. The education classes offered through the GLRHBA are a valuable resource when talking to my clients and subcontractors. It allows me to stay up to date on new regulations and the latest building techniques. The mix and mingles and other events held throughout the year, allow me to stay in touch with other building professionals. These relationships prove to be vital in critical times and having great relationships with other members is a key part to my business. As part of the membership, I feel confident in the network of people in our local association and around the state that are always on the watch for laws and regulations that will affect our everyday business. It is nice to know that part of our membership dues goes directly towards watching, supporting or fighting laws that ultimately affect the bottom line of my business.  I am very thankful for my membership and look forward to many more years!”

- Nathan Cooper (Member since 2010)

Our membership directory and buyers guide is one of the first places builder members go to find qualified sub-contractors. As our industry comes out of this slow building period, builders will undoubtedly go to the directory to seek out contractors to perform much needed work. The best way to set yourself up for new jobs is being a member of the HBA.

- Ron Harris, Summerwood, Inc. (members since 2001)

   It’s really an easy decision for me to renew our membership each and every year.  The benefits are really just incredible and frankly I don’t understand how any residential home builder would not want to be a member.  The member rebate program pays us about $1,000 each year!!  That’s money we wouldn’t get otherwise.  We get code updates, OSHA guidelines, and up-to-date regulation information that you get automatically without even asking for it!!

          And you become a member of not just one local association but three associations!!  AHBA and the NAHB represent us well in the state legislature and Congress and always keeping an eye on those things that over-regulate or over-tax our industry and prevent the American dream of home ownership from becoming a reality for people who work hard to afford it.

          But what really keeps me coming back year after year is the opportunity to be a part of a lasting friendship with many of my fellow builders and associates that are a part of my daily life.   I’d much rather be working with people that are friends than the other way around!!  I try a recruit anyone that will listen to the advantages of be a member including all of my subcontractors and material suppliers.  As an associate member you have an opportunity that many will not ever have, and that is a face to face meeting with potential customers who might not otherwise make the time for you.  I don’t see how anyone can afford to not join with all the discounts available from cell service to GM auto discounts to car rentals and more!  This list just goes on and on.

          Our association is a group of professionals who all work together to make a better place for Central Arkansas.  Could it get any better than that?

- Keith Wingfield (Member since 2000)

Our company is proud to be part of an organization that so strongly supports our industry. Not only do we have the opportunity to network and meet new friends at events…but we also have a great time doing so!

- Kelly Watson, Whit Davis Lumber Plus (member since 2002)