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Why you should be asking...

"Are you a member of the Home Builders Association?"

Your home, and the people who live inside it, are your most important assets.  As citizens of Central Arkansas, it is your right to know if a builder, realtor, banker or supplier is a good fit for you and your family.  The HBA-GLR serves as a resource for finding you the most reputable individuals and companies in the industry.  

Did you know that it only takes $100 for a builder to become licensed in the state of Arkansas? That seems awfully easy to obtain for someone you are entrusting to build or remodel your most valuable asset! They are also not required to carry certain types of insurance. If damage occurs to your home by one of these builders, you may be paying the price while your “builder” moves on to their next victim.  Or worse, if a builder fails to pay for materials used, that supplier could take your home even if you have done your part in paying the builder!  By asking the question, “Are you a member of the Home Builders Association?”, you eliminate these nightmare scenarios and can make your decision confidently knowing you have hired a properly licensed, insured, professional who has the backing of a 140,000 member base nationwide.

What you can expect from a member of the HBA of Greater Little Rock